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EdFed is devoted to assisting students and graduates in paying for college and managing their education loans. We help countless students and graduates save money paying down their education loans. EdFed provides consolidation options of federally guaranteed student loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and offers comprehensive financial solutions to meet the loan-servicing needs of our clients.

Our loan professionals are experts in dealing with student loans and understand your financial needs better than anyone else. As a result, we make sure that you take advantage of every possible opportunity to save money on your education loans. In addition, EdFed realizes that managing your education loans can be complicated and makes the process as easy as possible. With EdFed, applying over the phone takes less than 10 minutes, and we offer an easy and convenient online application.
Edfed Companies
EdFed strongly believes that specialization is the key to success, both the success of our company and the success of our clients. Thus, EdFed has branched out into specific industries and markets with the launch of Law School Loans, Graduate School Loans, and Medical School Loans. By creating students loan companies that cater to particular markets and clientele, EdFed can better assist clients with their unique finance management needs.

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Law School Loans targets and assists law students and attorneys with the management of their law school debt. Law School Loans was born from a family of legal placement companies, and thus understands better than any other lender the specific needs of law students and attorneys. Law School Loans offers both federal and private student loan consolidation and provides V.I.P. service. Not only that, Law School Loans is best equipped to handle the needs of law students and recent law school gradautes.

Law School Loans is well aware of a law student's tight schedule, especially third year law students. Thus, Law School Loans accepts applications well before graduation, allowing a third year law student to focus their energy on final exams, commencement, and studying and passing the bar exam. Plus, recent law school graduates are in full job search mode. Student loans are the last thing on their minds. This is where Law School Loans steps in. Upon graduation, Law School Loans begins to process the application students submitted months before. This is all done while recent graduates are busy launching their legal careers. Law School Loans also ensures recent law school graduates retain their federally guaranteed grace period. This allows recent law school graduates time to secure their first job and settle in well before their first payment is due. Law School Loans is the only lender that manages education debt with law students' and attorneys' specific needs in mind.

Graduate School Loans was launched in March of 2007 filling a void in the student loan industry. Previously, students who went beyond a Bachelor's degree had to choose from lenders that typically cater to college students. Graduate students were left with high balances and lenders who treated them like any other customer. However, Graduate School Loans operates under a different philosophy. Graduate School Loans is well aware of the high balances graduate students can incur, and thus employs Loan Counselors that are able to find them the most savings. Many of the Loan Counselors have themselves accumulated student loan debt, and thus can provide inside information, first hand experience, and advice.

Medical School Loans, also launched in March of 2007, specializes in education debt management for medical school student and graduates. Medical School Loans consolidates both federal and private student loans. Medical school students and graduates can consolidate not only their medical school education debt, but also loans taken out during their undergraduate years.

Medical School Loans also understands the reality of the cost of going to medical school. Medical school graduates incur a large amount of education debt, on average $130,571, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, which is why our private consolidation loan allows for a maximum consolidation amount of $150,000. Plus, our private consolidation loan carries a medical residency and medical internship forbearance option. This option is a huge benefit for recent medical school graduates who are fulfilling their residency needs and not necessarily earning enough to make payments on their loans. Private student loan consolidation is a great way for medical school students and graduates to get a lower rate and also postpone payments while they complete their programs.

How EdFed Helped others!
Thanks, its nice to know that I can get answers back so quickly.
- Cheryl K.  Los Angeles, CA
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Education is one of the most basic right of any human, but with the increase in prices and the costs involved in education this has made these rights turn into a privilege which very few can enjoy. Any normal person today in the whole of United States has to take an education loan at one point of time to pay for their education fees.

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