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Thank you so much for the opportunity to post our scholarships with you. I appreciate the opportunity that you are offering students in helping them find scholarships and look forward to assisting you with that process.
-Jason,J , Greensboro, NC
I thank you for the "First Class" way you have handled my consolidation loan app. You have done a superb job of keeping me informed of what is happening with my app, what to expect next, and details of the entire process. I feel confident that I do not have to worry about the fine print or unexpected surprises with this process. Your integrity, honesty, and overall helpfulness are truly appreciated. You have made this a pleasant endeavor.
-Justin,M , Boston, MA
I really cannot thank the EdFed representative who helped me enough for everything she did. After dealing with so many condescending, rude people at other companies, she was a much needed breath of fresh air. She helped me with my entire application. Thanks again!
-Ryan,W , New York, NY
I would like to thank EdFed and the staff that helped me consolidate my private education loans. This is going to help me so much and I praise you for the excellent service.
-Melanie,P , Seattle, WA
I appreciate your help. You all have been wonderful. I have already begun recommending your company to some friends. Thanks again!
-Cassanra,R , Snellville, GA
My wife and I have been trying for months to consolidate our loans and have been very impressed with the service we have received from EdFed. Everything has been done in a very timely and professional manner. Thank you so much for your work!
-Kevin,M , Boston, MA
Thank you so much for your help. My current lender is the worst!
-Jamie,J , Wautoma, WI
Thank you for all you help. I am one customer that will never, never complain about Ed Fed’s care and attention for their customers. You are all # 1 in my book.
-Alex,M , Chicago, IL
I would just like to say thank you. I was trying to consolidate my federal student loans with someone else, but they were not communicating with me. Thanks for providing me with so much information and helping me with each step of the process!
-Amy,S , Tampa, FL
I consolidated my private student loans with EdFed. Thank you for helping me save some money on my student loan repayment.
-Jason,L , Detroit, MI
Thank you so much for your quick responses to my questions about consolidation. The EdFed staff is so polite and helpful.
-Corey,W , Burbank, CA
Thank you for sending me "College Financing: Structure & Trends." It contains useful information and I will post it on our financial aid info board.
-Debra,C , Boston, MA
I was impressed with the EdFed Publication "College Financing: Structure & Trends." Good job.
-Rose,D , Lemoore, CA
My consolidation with EdFed has been a great experience and I am happy to recommend everyone I know to your company. Thanks again for your help.
-Elsa,F , Phoenix, AZ
I had spoken to my brother about consolidating and I finally decided to get some more information about it. I called EdFed and I was stunned by the knowledge and information that Edfed had given me. After I talked to my brother again we decided that after all the places I called EdFed was the best so I called EdFed back to complete my application. Thank you again EdFed.
-Nicole,W , Allentown, NJ
My Private loans had a 11.5% interest rate and I had called EdFed to see what they can do for me. The Loan Officer that I was working with started an application for me and ran my credit to see what my interest rate would be and its actually 8.6% I was so excited I faxed them my application that same day. Thank you for your help.
-Kathryn,B , Atlanta, GA
I just wanted to thank EdFed for helping me get all my private student loans consolidated and for being so patient with me. Thanks again!
-Monica,B , Baton Rouge, LA
When I first called EdFed I was impressed by the immediate Customer Service. With other companies I called It was always an automated system that picked up and if I was lucky I was transferred to a representative. The Loan Counselor that I spoke with was knowledgeable and quick to answer all and any questions I had. I was also able to get my application e-signed that same day. Now thanks to EdFed I have saved over $200.00 in the past two months.
-Jessica,L , Denver, CO
A big thanks to EdFed! They walked me from the beginning of my consolidation to the end with superb help and understanding
-Scott,S , Denver, CO
Thanks so much for your help EdFed!
-Sarah,H , Sacramento, CA
I am so very grateful to the loan counselor at EdFed. I have had just a terrible time with my current lender. Her input in getting my situation resolved is what really made everything happen. I am truly very grateful for all of her help and advice.
-Jerry,A , New York, NY
I want to thank my Loan Counselor for her help. Thanks to people like her consolidating my loans was so much easier.
-Justin,J , Montogmery, AL
The Loan Counselor at EdFed has been the MOST helpful person I have EVER spoken to about consolidating my student loans. I can't thank her or EdFed enough. I really am grateful. My current lender refused to help me but EdFed always had my best interests in mind. Again, thanks.
-Gerald,A , Washington, DC
Thanks to Law School Loans and my above-par loan counselor, I know where to go if I ever have questions about my student loans again! Thank you so much, you've been very helpful and have helped to make my "financial situation" a little more bearable!
-Shannon,P , Chicago, IL
Thanks, its nice to know that I can get answers back so quickly.
-Cheryl,K , Los Angeles, CA

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