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Depending on the total amount of your student loans, the repayment term can be 10 to 30 years.

Loan payment options for loan consolidation:

  • Equal Payments

  • Equal monthly payments over the term of the loan.

  • Select 2/Graduated Payments

  • You make interest-only payments first two years of repayment. Payments increase to level installments of principal and interest payments for the remaining term of the loan, in the third year.

  • Select 5/Graduated Payments

  • You make interest-only payments first two years of repayment. In the third through fifth years, payments increase to include a portion of principal. In the sixth year, payments increase to level investments of principal and interest payments for the remaining term of the loan.

  • Income-Sensitive Payments

  • Payments can also be adjusted annually based on your expected total monthly gross income from employment and all other sources. Once eligibility is determined by your servicer your new payment will also be calculated.

  • Extended Equal Payments1

  • Allows up to a 25-year repayment term of Equal Payments.

  • Extended Select 2 Payments1

  • Allows up to a 25-year repayment term with the Select 2/Graduated Payment plan.

  • Extended Select 5 Payments1

  • Allows up to a 25-year repayment term with the Select 5/Graduated Payment plan.

    For any queries about the federal loan consolidation process, please email us or call (800) 821-5659. Our expert loan advisor will be able to guide you.

    1. All Extended Repayment Plans are for qualified borrowers with more than $30,000 in eligible loans. Applicants interested in any of the Extended Repayment Plans should contact our loan advisors to determine eligibility.

    How EdFed Helped others!
    EdFed helped me out a lot! My student loan balance was not as high as most of my friends, so I didn't even know if consolidating would be worth my time. The loan counselors at EdFed really explained the benefits of consolidating and took the time to do a comparison of my total loan costs with and without consolidating. Even though my loan balance was not large, my monthly payments were reduced by almost 50% through my EdFed loan consolidation! This provided a lot of relief. Now, I know I can make my student loan payments, and I still have plenty of money to do the things I want to. Thank you, EdFed, for walking me through this process.
    - Rochelle G.  Chicago, IL
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    Student Loan Consolidation Info - How to Choose the Right Loan Company

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    Education is one of the most basic right of any human, but with the increase in prices and the costs involved in education this has made these rights turn into a privilege which very few can enjoy. Any normal person today in the whole of United States has to take an education loan at one point of time to pay for their education fees.

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    Schools Will No Longer Receive Paper FAFSA Forms
    (September 20, 2007)

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    The interest rate on all federal loans has increased by almost 2 percent; you must consolidate now or you will be stuck with this high rate for the life of your loan.
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