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May 08, 2007
Host: Carina Zaragoza
Guest: Jennifer Munson
Jennifer Munson outlines EdFed's most recent addition to their portfolio of student loan management programs: Private Student Loan Consolidation. Jennifer discusses the benefits of consolidating private education loans and provides information on how to apply. EdFed's Private Consolidation Loan offers high approval rates and money-saving benefits.

April 10, 2007
Host: Carina Zaragoza
Guest: Carleen Trapp
Wondering how you're going to pay for college? Already graduated and need help with your education debt? Listen to tips and advise on how to fund your education and reduce your student loan debt.

April 6, 2007
Host: Carina Zaragoza
Guest: Sherra Schear
Sherra Schear points out various federal student loan consolidation benefits. Special attention is made to what sets EdFed apart from other lenders

April 3, 2007
Host: Carina Zaragoza
Guest: Linda Brown
Student Loan Repayment Tips
Get advice on how to repay your student loans and learn about various repayment options.

March 16, 2007
Host: Carina Zaragoza
Guest: Jessica Bradshaw
Debt and Financial Management
Jessica Bradshaw discusses debt management with topics such as how to pay off your credit cards in a timely and efficient manner. Plus, tips on managing your finances and planning for your future.

March 09, 2007
Host: Carina Zaragoza
Guest: Renata Roberts
Benefits of Federal Student Loan Consolidation
Expert loan counselor Renata Roberts discusses the various benefits borrowers will receive when they consolidate their federal education loans with EdFed.

March 01, 2007
Host: Fred Godlash
Guest: Jason Alan
Why to refinance

February 23, 2007
Host: Fred Godlash
Guest: Anthony Savaglio
Changes to the Federal Loan Program

February 15, 2007
Host: Fred Godlash
Guest: Samantha Brown
Repayment Plans for Consolidated Federal Education Loans
Podcast discusses the various options for the student to consolidate their Federal Education loans.

January 29,2007
Host: Fred Godlash
Guest: Matt Winger
Private Loan Consolidation
How private loan consolidation provides student loan borrowers with many benefits.

January 12,2007
Host: Fred Godlash
Guest: Scott Wiegand
Federal Student Loans: Information you need to know
Listen to expert advice from an experienced and knowledgeable Loan Counselor. Scott provides some great tips on federal student loans and federal student loan consolidation.

May 26, 2006
Host: Anne O'Dell
Project on Student Debt
Anne examines the research of the Project on Student Debt and discusses the group's petition to reform student loan repayment.
Duration: 0:4:14

May 23, 2006
Host: Anne O'Dell
Guest: Charisse Dengler
Single Holder Rule hurts student loan borrowers—find out how and why?
Anne and Charisse discuss the pitfalls of the single holder rule for student loans.
Duration: 0:4:29

May 19, 2006
Host: Tom McWade
Guest: Anne O'Dell
Bush Commission Tackles Higher Ed Issues
Tom and Anne talk about President Bush's commission on higher education and its publications on how to reform student financial aid.
Duration: 0:5:55

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Thanks for making everything so clear and easy during my consolidation.
- Mike T.  Denver, CO
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