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Expansion Of UM's M-pact Plan

According to a report from the Higher Education Washington, Inc., NewsLine, the University of Michigan is expanding its M-PACT financial aid program. More than 400 UM students will see the effects immediately and save at least $5,000 a year because of these changes. The M-PACT program replaced student loans with grants for the neediest students and is part of a 10-percent increase in financial aid grants for both new and returning Michigan students. About two-thirds of UM students receive some form of merit- or need-based financial aid.
Commission Finalizes Report

Washington, D.C. - After 11 grueling months, eight meetings, and numerous emails, the Commission on the Future of Higher Education has finally agreed to send their final report to U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings.
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Press Releases:
Schools Will No Longer Receive Paper FAFSA Forms
New Study Shows that College Educations Benefit More than just the Recipients
New Legislation Limits the Time for Student Loan Borrowers to Save
FFEL Lenders Send Letter to Congress Regarding New Bills
New Report Shows Students Are Choosing Pricey Private Loans over Federal Loans
Higher Education Plan Proposed by Senator Dodd
Senate Passes Bill to Regulate Private Educational Loans
Statistics Show that Students are Dependent on Financial Aid
New Bill Introduced to Help Active Soldiers with Their Student Loans
Report Shows Low-Income Adults Are Not Able to Pursue College Education
Maine's Governor Signs Bill to Help Graduates with Student Loan Debt
Low-Income Students in Wisconsin May Lose Out on Grants
Education and Labor Committee Approves New Legislation for Financial Aid
New Legislation Introduced to Forgive Private Student Loans upon Bankruptcy
EdFed Helps Student Loan Borrowers Avoid Upcoming Interest-Rate Increases
Study Shows Half of 2007 Graduates Have Jobs
Legislation Proposed in Illinois to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Receive Student Loans
House Votes in Favor of Student Loan Sunshine Act
New York Attorney General Investigates Nelnet's Relationships with Alumni Associations
Arizona Supreme Court Will Rule on Case against Tuition Increases
Arizona Graduate Student Loan Debt Reaches an All-Time High
Minnesota Senate Introduces Bill to Improve Students' Spending Habits
Bill Introduced to Legislature to Help Medical and Dental Students
Maryland House Approves Bill Allowing Students to Pay In-State Tuition Regardless of Citizenship Status
Education Finance Partners Defend Themselves against Allegations Made by New York Attorney General
New York Attorney General Tells Schools to End Dishonest Alliances with Student Loan Companies
House of Representatives Subcommittee on Higher Education Meets to Discuss New Policy Options
STAR Act Reintroduced
New Boost for the Pell Grant
Help Is on the Way in Texas
Politicians Argue over Interest Rates
Proposed Tuition Freeze
An Expansion of the University of Michigan's M-PACT Plan
Congressman Urges Student Loan Consolidation
EdFed backs Rep. Allen's proposal to Reverse the Raid on Student Aid,
(June 20, 2006)
Congress Repeals Single-holder Rule
EdFed Thanks Rep. Regula for Job Well Done, (June 13, 2006)
EdFed — Fastest Consolidations in the Country, (June 6, 2006)
Consolidation is Confusing; EdFed Makes It Simple, (May 31, 2006)
Student Loan Deadline Has EdFed Working Around The Clock, (May 18, 2006)
EdFed Sides with Students on Single Holder Rule, (May 9, 2006)
Editorial on Student Aid Reform and the Bush Commission, (published in part in EdFed Newsletter, April 25, 2006)
Consolidating Student Loans Now Will Save on Interest, (from USA TODAY, December 23, 2005)
Congress Cuts Funding for Student Loans, (from The Wall Street Journal, December 22, 2005)

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Schools Will No Longer Receive Paper FAFSA Forms
(September 20, 2007)

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