Oct 20, 2006
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Friday, October 20 , 2006
Tuition Hikes Affect Hispanic Students
By Emily Zaborniak
Education leads to achievement, yet with every passing year, the dream of being able to afford college turns into a harsh reality governed by dollar signs. Tuition is increasing exponentially, while household income and pay rates are merely holding steady or decreasing. According to a report released by the Campaign for America's Future, prospective Hispanic students have been significantly affected by the economic incongruence.

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FSA Conference Coming

By Mary Waldron

As the 2006 Federal Student Aid Conferences approach Orlando, FL, and Las Vegas, NV, herds of financial aid professionals are preparing to gather together to network and learn about Title IV programs, as well as the evolving federal policies and practices that affect students and administrators alike. Federal Student Aid distributes more than $80 billion each year in student grant, work study, and loan programs, making these conferences highly beneficial for those in the field. Members of the Department of Education conduct the conferences, striving to provide education regarding the most current information and taking advantage of opportunities to train and strengthen the abilities of financial aid experts.

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Flink to chair advisory committee on student finances

Judith N. Flink will chair the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance, aided by Claude O. Pressnell, Jr., who will serve as Vice Chair. Flink was appointed to the committee in 1999. Reappointed in 2002, she has served the committee as Vice Chair for the past three years. Pressnell, President and CEO of the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA), has been serving on the committee since 2003. Flink, Executive Director of Student Financial Services at the University of Illinois, has provided congressional and committee testimony related to reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and given a number of presentations on student financial services. Over the next year, in addition to assisting Congress in its attempts to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, Flink and Pressnell will work on the College Textbook Cost Study, finalizing research on the feasibility of simplifying the federal need analysis formula.
Repeal school as lender program, urges Schumer

Following the tabling of Senator Charles Schumer's bill, S. 4035, which aims at amending the Higher Education Act of 1965, Congress has been hotly debating over the intentions of schools participating in the school as lender program. Schumer's bill urges the repeal of the program. Members of Congress have questioned schools' motives for participating in the school as lender program, casting doubts as to whether schools abide by its guiding principle, which states that it will be used only as a final option for students unable to acquire financial aid from any other source. Congress is divided over the issue, since most members opine that schools acting as private lenders push hapless students into quagmires of debt while amassing greater profits by extending lines of credit.

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