Nov 30, 2006
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Thursday, November 30 , 2006
College Student Money Matters
By Emily Zaborniak
A recent survey report issued by Experience, Inc., entitled "College Life — Finances & Banking," breaks down the financial situations and concerns of almost 5,000 students at universities and colleges across the nation. Experience also investigates the trend toward reliance on credit cards and the growing necessity for student loans, providing statistics on how students are spending their money and the types of purchases they make.

The major financial concern for college students is, expectedly, paying for school. Experience, Inc., finds that the majority of students, 26%, make ends meet by taking out student loans. Nearly a quarter, 24%, reported that they were able to pay for tuition with earned scholarships. The same percentage reported having to work while attending school.

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Plans for Negotiated Rulemaking

By Emily Zaborniak

From December 12th through 14th, discussing issues related to and determining regulations for student financial aid will be priorities at the negotiated rulemaking meetings to be held at the Marriott Crystal Gateway hotel in Arlington, VA. Negotiated rulemaking is a process that allows representatives from different groups to meet with a federal agency to discuss the texts of proposed rules.

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"Rethinking Student Aid Study Group" to study federal financial aid

In September, U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings appointed a commission that called for reforms to the federal student aid program. The "Rethinking Student Aid Study Group" has been assembled by the College Board to address these reforms. Members of the group include Jacob Lew, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Tom Kane, a former senior economist, and Marshall Smith, former Acting Deputy Secretary and Undersecretary of Education, among other student aid experts and higher education researchers.
University of Wisconsin introduces course to help students with spending decisions

The University of Wisconsin, Madison, recently test-launched a financial education course in order to assess the course's impact on student spending. Funded by the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation, an organization committed to investing in students' success, the project concluded that after taking the course, students showed considerable improvement in managing their finances, consumer credit, and savings.

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