Dec 14, 2006
Barton Community College, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) Barton Community College, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA)

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Thursday, December 14 , 2006
Filing Your FAFSA without Fear
By Emily Zaborniak
Recent reports have shown that large populations of potential college students do not understand how to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), nor are they aware of the financial assistance available to them based on the application. In fact, just last week, our newsletter relayed the results of the 2006 Massachusetts College Goal Sunday survey, which revealed that more than 95% of students needed help when attempting to complete the FAFSA and that more than one-third asked for one-on-one assistance with doing so.

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Still Waiting for the Sunshine Act

By Emily Zaborniak

Widespread anticipation started building up for the implementation of Senator Edward Kennedy's (D-MA) Student Loan Sunshine Act after its recently drafted proposal and outline began to circulate in the higher education community. This past week, there was much expectation that the Act would be introduced to Congress. However, Kennedy's office did not make any announcements concerning the student loan program reform plan. Presently, there is no speculation as to what caused the inaction, and there is no estimate as to when the bill will make its debut.

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Department of Education issues "Dear Colleague Letter" addressing LCV noncompliance

The Department of Education's recently released "Dear Colleague Letter" (also known as GEN-06-20 and FP-06-16) reminds FFEL loan lenders about the department's loan verification certificate (LVC) submission requirements.
McKeon reassures lenders at CBA conference

At a conference attended by student loan industry officials, outgoing Congressman and Education and Workforce Committee Chairman Howard "Buck" McKeon reassured lenders that he would fight to see that they have a "seat at the table" when the upcoming legislative discussions on federal student loan policy are held. After the Democrats' clean sweep of both houses of Congress in the November midterm elections, many student loan lenders have been skeptical about maintaining their Congressional influence.

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