Jan 14, 2008
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Monday, January 14 , 2008
Sallie Mae Hit with Two Lawsuits Claiming Racial Discrimination
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Two lawsuits were filed against Sallie Mae on Thursday, December 27, 2007, in yet another blow to the business practices of the already hard-hit student loan company. Sallie Mae has come under scrutiny in the past year, beginning with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's investigations into the lending and marketing practices of several student loan companies, of which Sallie Mae was one.

The plaintiffs in both lawsuits claim that Sallie Mae's underwriting practices steer racial minorities into borrowing more expensive education loans. In both lawsuits the interest rates on the education loans borrowed by the plaintiffs skyrocketed and are now more typical of credit card interest rates.

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Financial Aid Awarding Differs between Like Colleges, Report Finds

By Carina Zaragoza

The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) has found that student access to financial aid varies widely according to each institution. This may not seem too surprising given the maze that is financial aid. However, more interestingly, the report has found that similar institutions have varying financial aid policies. What is true at one community college might not be the case at another community college, the report found.

The report, "Green Lights and Red Tape," looked at 21 California community colleges across the state. TICAS examined several aspects of the financial aid services provided by each college, ranging from communication and information dissemination to outreach to minority students to basic administrative assistance.

Among the findings is the pressure financial aid offices face to provide appropriate information and assistance to their students while also meeting administrative demands.

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Federal Customs House to Be Renovated into Memphis Law School

Ownership of the former U.S. Customs House/Postal Office in downtown Memphis was recently transferred to the Tennessee state government, which will use the site for the new University of Memphis Law School. The transfer, which took place on December 3rd, is the final step before initial construction begins on the site sitting at the intersection of Front St. and Monroe Ave. in Memphis. School officials anticipate that the renovation will be complete in early 2009 and expect to enlist 500 students and faculty by the fall of that year.
Greensboro Charities Receive Donations from Public Interest Law Society

The Public Interest Law Society (PILS) at Elon University School of Law has fulfilled the charitable sentiment of the season through recent donations to the Angel Tree drive for Freedom House and the Salvation Army. Freedom House is an organization which provides aid to substance-addicted single mothers and their children. The donated items included clothing, toys, toiletries, and other basic necessity items. PILS co-president Rheanna Gaskin noted the gratitude of those receiving the donated items in observing, "The mothers at Freedom House were very emotional and extremely overjoyed.

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