Feb 21, 2008
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Thursday, February 21 , 2008
New Jersey Loan Guarantor and Attorney General Reach Settlement
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New Jersey Loan Guarantor and Attorney General Reach Settlement
The New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) and the New Jersey Attorney General have reached an agreement that ends an investigation into the loan guarantor's business dealings with two Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) lenders. The details of the agreement were announced in a press release posted on the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General's website.

The state's attorney general, Anne Milgram, and U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) opened an investigation last May into the arrangements between the HESAA and two FFELP lenders, Sallie Mae and Nelnet. The investigation examined the legality of the arrangements, which resulted in the HESAA receiving about $2.2 million per year from the lenders. The monies were a percentage of the volume of the loans steered towards the lenders by the HESAA. These business practices may have been in violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, prompting the investigation.

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Report on High School to College Transition

By Carina Zaragoza

Why do some high school students transition more smoothly and more successfully to college than others? This is the central question investigated in the study School Strategies and the "College-Linking" Process: Reconsidering the Effects of High Schools on College Enrollment. The study appeared in the January 2008 issue of Sociology of Education. The journal is published by the American Sociological Association.

The study was conducted by Lori Diane Hill, assistant professor of education at the University of Michigan. Previous research focused on resources available to high school students, finding wealthier high schools provided their students with advantages and thus ensured high rates of success. However, the focus of this study is college advising as provided by high schools and counselors. The study identifies three general styles and measures the success rate of each.

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Administrators at Kentucky Law School Resign in Light of Financial Troubles

Three school administrators at Paducah, Kentucky's American Justice School of Law resigned on February 11 after a retired surgeon elected to buy the school in a bid to save it from its ongoing financial losses. Dean and founder Paul Hendrick, Associate Dean Jerrod Turner, and Chairman of the Board of Directors Wayne Shelton all resigned in accordance with a plan proffered by Dr. Robert Meriwether in the hope that the school may be rescued from severe economic downfall. Founded in 2005, American Justice is currently seeking accreditation after being denied provisional accreditation by the ABA in August 2007.
Yale Law School Housing Steadily Declines

Yale Law School may be one of the best legal education institutions in the nation, but its housing situation has deteriorated beyond the point of recovery — at least for now. Recently, the school's last remaining dormitories closed their doors. The school has witnessed a steady decline in the number of available beds in its dorms over the last decade: in 1994 there were 154 available beds; by 2004 the number had fallen to 56; and last year there were just 23. The closing of the Sterling Law Building dormitories will mark the first time no students have lived there since the law school complex was built in 1931.

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