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Top 100 Reasons to Use EdFed

  1. Our expert loan professionals are the best!
  2. We offer a variety of flexible loan programs to choose from.
  3. We have a database of 8,000 scholarships and more than 150,000 awards—more than $35 M
  4. Get advice and guidance from an established lender, not a marketing company.
  5. We can offer you the very best rates.
  6. We know exactly what’s happening with your loan at all times.
  7. You are more than a number to us.
  8. 600-page common manual directs loan counselors to choose the loan that is best for you.
  9. Experienced loan counselors have dealt with every kind of student loan situation.
  10. We are an innovative leader in the student loan field.
  11. We will give you fast processing and disbursement.
  12. Our professional and focused loan counselors are always on call.
  13. Our detailed outline of financial aid process makes it easy to understand.
  14. We’ll give you a step-by-step calendar to help in the planning process.
  15. Check out our easy-to-use calculator to figure out monthly payment amounts.
  16. Our glossary of terms will help you understand the process better.
  17. Read numerous news articles on the subject of financial aid.
  18. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section answers any questions you have.
  19. Get live online support!
  20. Our loan and consolidation applications are easy to complete quickly.
  21. Our website is easy to use.
  22. You can buy a stereo system with the money you save every month from consolidation.
  23. Get individualized counseling and advice.
  24. You’ll love our friendly service.
  25. Information on incoming freshman at various universities gives you an idea of how you compare.
  26. With the “College Tuition Guide,” you can view various tuition rates for schools across the country.
  27. Get detailed tips on planning for college for each year of high school.
  28. Concise, simple charts broken down to the month help students prepare for financial aid process.
  29. Find comprehensive information on scholarships, work-study programs, and student loans.
  30. “Tell a Friend” form makes it easy to spread the word.
  31. Search our database of student loan forgiveness programs.
  32. We’ll help you find scholarships!
  33. You can take a summer vacation with the money you save each month from consolidation.
  34. Enjoy easy and flexible repayment plans.
  35. Use our deferment options for students and parents.
  36. We offer different loan options for different situations.
  37. Find answers to all of your repayment questions.
  38. Get tips on how to prepare for repayment.
  39. Our auto debit repayment system saves you 0.25%.
  40. Our auto debit repayment system makes it easy to pay on time.
  41. The Platinum Counsel Select program will lower your rate by 1%.
  42. Our toll-free number gives you access to person-to-person customer service.
  43. The Loan Comparison Chart makes it easy to compare different types of loans.
  44. You can buy a top-of-the-line laptop with the money you save each month from consolidation.
  45. A list of helpful links to various websites makes the financial aid process even simpler.
  46. The Platinum Counsel Select program will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loans.
  47. A loan specialist is assigned specifically to you!
  48. Your loan specialist will remember you by name.
  49. Your loan specialist will be willing to work around your schedule.
  50. Save your application and get help from a loan counselor if you have questions.
  51. Read a step-by-step explanation of the e-signature.
  52. We can FedEx, mail, or fax your application to you.
  53. You can download a PDF version of the application.
  54. Get immediate, over-the-phone approval for private loan programs.
  55. We specialize in education loans.
  56. We provide one-on-one counseling for those who inquire about consolidation or new loans.
  57. There are no fees to sign up for federal consolidation loans or new federal loans.
  58. It’s fast.
  59. You can download some new tunes for your iPod with the money you save each month.
  60. There are no penalties for early pay-off.
  61. Get free consolidation reports at your request.
  62. Delay repayments if you are a half-time student.
  63. Apply in five minutes.
  64. Apply online.
  65. It’s easy. All we need is your basic personal information and signature.
  66. Combine several monthly payments into one.
  67. Forbearance and deferment options are available.
  68. Consolidate even if your loans are in deferment.
  69. Private loan programs are designed to fill the gaps in your budget.
  70. Contact a loan counselor 24 hours a day.
  71. Invest the money that you save.
  72. You will never be asked to verify your income.
  73. In most cases, you can extend the term of your loan to 30 years.
  74. Loans can be used to cover your living expenses.
  75. We handle your personal information securely and confidentially.
  76. Lock in low interest rates.
  77. Work toward financial stability.
  78. We serve a smaller population than marketing firms, allowing for specialized customer service.
  79. Borrow 100% of the cost of attendance -- including books and fees -- with a PLUS loan.
  80. Borrow up to $50 K in private loans.
  81. We offer multiple loan products to explore: federal and private consolidation, Stafford loans, Parent and Graduate PLUS loans, and many types of private loans.
  82. Access your consolidation application any time you want.
  83. Access your loan information through the Internet.
  84. Reduce monthly payments by up to 50%.
  85. Feel loved with a timely birthday card every year.
  86. Feel loved with a timely holiday card each year.
  87. No need to know interest rates for your consolidation application.
  88. No need to know current loan balance for your consolidation application.
  89. Apply for an income-sensitive repayment plan to help you through times of hardship.
  90. Click on “Live Chat” on our website for immediate responses to your questions.
  91. Borrower benefits to reduce interest rates by .25% with auto-debit.
  92. Borrower benefits to reduce interest rates by 1% after making 36 consecutive payments.
  93. Private education loan consolidation.
  94. Advice on combining your loans and your spouse’s loans through consolidation.
  95. Stafford loans of up to $20,500 per academic year.
  96. Graduate PLUS, federally guaranteed loans to cover cost of attendance.
  97. No maximum amount for Graduate PLUS loans.
  98. Low interest rates on all federal loans.
  99. Free, online application for federal loans.
  100. Free EdFed Newswire delivered to you weekly via email.
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