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Article Title : A Conditional Disability Discharge
Comments :
I also ambeing harrassed by Sallie Mae, even though my Dr. has submitted their t
otal and permanent disabilty form 3 times! Every time they found a mistake; like
not signing one part. They could have saved the part that was good and just sen
t me back the part that needed signing. No, they sent it all back and because of
my disabilty, I lost it, and its a nightmare. I am thinking os suing them. Does
anyone know if that is possible? Thanks.

Posted By : Eugene Tips

Comments :
I thought it was just me. Texas Guarentee is and has been the ones who have been
trying to help. My traumatic brain injury, has really changed my life horribly
. It took me a long time to 'accept the Dr.'s telling me that i would not be abl
e to work ever again. Now, i have lost weight to the point that they are trying
to figure ways to make me gain, and have gotten so much 'worse' that i need a dA
aily caretaker-but SalliMae is still hasseling me on an hourly basis. I don't e
xpect to live much longer-&-i'm really concerned about my wife after im gone. Th
ere never was questions related to this would continue to worsen, be contributor
to my thvvpky

Posted By : paul grayson-graywolf

Comments :
Will they garnish my last tax refund during this period ?

Posted By : albert martin

Comments :
I too am going through this same horrible process. Only I had a Traumatic Brain
injury. It's not fair that they make it so hard. This happened in 2003 and it's
2009. I am permanently disabled. My doctor and I have repeatedly submitted all o
f the papers just like you all have. Yet, no permanent discharge only "condition
al". I am getting divorced and need to find a place to live. I need the money I'
m paying them to pay for housing.

God Bless,

Posted By : Anita Doe

Comments :
Gosh, I am going through the exact red tape Jayne has gone through. I am lookin
g for a light at the end of the tunnel. It is so frustrating when you appear in
your doctors office for the 4th time with the same form to complete and asking
your doctor to complete it in there wording. I have been dealing with this sinc
e March 2007 and my student loans are in deferrement status. My problem is that
my doctor is with the VA Hospital and is also foreign. So we have a major lang
uage barrier and she is doing the best she can by writing letters and even calli
ng them. But when she calls, she speaks to a representative and that person can
't explain exactly what the reviewing doctor is looking for. Do you have any su
ggestions. I have also got my neurologist and psychiatrist to write letters but
they want the approval from the primary care doctor who doesn't deal with my mi
graines and depression. Please give me some tips on how to best handle this situ


Posted By : Sonja Johnson

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