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Loan Consolidation
Private Student Loan Consolidation Checklist
Help! I Don't Know What I've Borrowed!
Private Student Loan Consolidation: Myths Debunked
Turn your variable interest rate loans into a fixed interest rate loan
Step-By-Step Guide to Consolidating Your Federal Student Loans Successfully
What Type of Loans Do You Have?, Part 1
What Type of Loans Do You Have?, Part 2
How to Reduce Those Student Loan Bills
Standard Loan Repayment Plans
Extended Repayment Options
Graduated Repayment Program
Income Contingent Repayment Plans, Part 1
Income Contingent Repayment Plans, Part 2
Let's Make the Deal
How to Negotiate Your Own Monthly Payment, Part 1
How to Negotiate Your Own Monthly Payment, Part 2
Should You Roll All Your Loans into One?
Ways to Put Off Making Payments
Loan Deferment
How to Fight for Forbearance
Consolidate Your Loans, Part 1
About Loan Rehabilitation Programs
How to Qualify for Loan Cancellation
A Conditional Disability Discharge
School-Related Discharges and False Certification
Other Categories
Denied Discharge Application
Loan Forgiveness
Law School Loan Forgiveness
Medical School and Health-Care-Related Loan Forgiveness
Other Loan Forgiveness Programs
Repayment Assistance Programs, Part 1
Repayment Assistance Programs, Part 2
Repayment Assistance Programs, Part 3
Repayment Assistance Programs, Part 4
Now is the Time to Consolidate!
Are You Consolidating Within Grace Period? Make Note of a Loophole
What Doesn’t Meet the Eye in Student Loan Consolidation
The Importance of Consolidation
Loan Consolidation: Manage Student Loans Better for a Better Tomorrow
Student Loan Consolidation FAQ
EdFed’s Customer Service and Benefits are Second to None
The Free Federal Student Loan Consolidation
Private Loan Consolidations through EdFed
Private Student Loans and Consolidation
FAQs about Federal Student Loan Consolidation
Loan Consolidation - Magic for Your Finances
Benefits of Consolidation
Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Volunteers
Military Benefits for Students and Graduates
Federal Student Loan Consolidation
Private Student Loan Consolidation
Consolidation Myths
Aid for Non-Minorities
Federal Financial Aid
Loan Repayment Programs
Tax Benefits
Loan Forgiveness
Benefits of Consolidation
Consolidating Debt
Consolidation Can Ease Your Debt
EdFed Savings
Federal Loan Consolidation: Too Good to Be True?
Got a Great Job? You Should Still Consolidate!
How Consolidation Can Ease the Social Stigma of Debt
The Benefits of Federal Loan Consolidation
Why Does the Federal Government Want to Help You?
Why Lower Monthly Payments Can Benefit You in the Long Run
Managing Your Finances
Student Loan Team Meetings Underway
Financial Aid Awarding Differs between Like Colleges, Report Finds
Pay Down Your Debt
Build a Credit History
Do not Transfer Balances the Wrong Way!, Part 1
Do not Transfer Balances the Wrong Way!, Part 2
Things That Affects the Credit Rating
How to Build a Credit Rating, Part 1
How to Build a Credit Rating, Part 2
How to Build a Credit Rating, Part 3
Credit Card Tricks, Part 1
Credit Card Tricks, Part 2
Credit Card Tricks, Part 3
Credit Card Tricks, Part 4
Preventing Identity, Part 1
Preventing Identity, Part 2
Tips for Couples
How to Save on Housing
Your Car, Part 1
Your Car, Part 2
Save on Food and Household Items, Part 1
Save on Utilities, Part 1
Save on Utilities, Part 2
How to Find or Create Extra Money, Part 1
How to Find or Create Extra Money, Part 2
How to Find or Create Extra Money, Part 3
How to Find or Create Extra Money, Part 4
How to Find or Create Extra Money, Part 5
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How EdFed Helped others!
When I first contacted EdFed, I knew nothing about consolidation. All I knew is that there was a deadline. The customer service representatives at EdFed were able to explain everything to me in terms that I could understand. I owe a substantial amount of money in student loans, and I didn't even know who my lenders were. EdFed was able to compile this information for me, calculated my low fixed interest rate, and explain their money saving benefits. Other lenders weren't even accepting phone calls prior to the deadline! Thank you for taking the time to go over my consolidation with me.
- Maya T.  Dallas, TX
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Student Loan Consolidation Info - How to Choose the Right Loan Company

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Education is one of the most basic right of any human, but with the increase in prices and the costs involved in education this has made these rights turn into a privilege which very few can enjoy. Any normal person today in the whole of United States has to take an education loan at one point of time to pay for their education fees.

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Schools Will No Longer Receive Paper FAFSA Forms
(September 20, 2007)

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The only requirements for consolidation are that you have at least $7,500 in eligible loans, are out of school, have not yet consolidated, and are not in default with your current lenders—there are no credit checks.
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