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Managing Your Finances
Selling Stuffs
Get a Tenant
Itemize Your Deductions
Free Money?
Money Management Basics, Part 1
Money Management Basics, Part 2
Money Management Basics, Part 3
Money Management Basics, Part 4
Money Management Basics, Part 5
Money Management Basics, Part 6
Money Management Basics, Part 7
Tips to Pay Off Private Student Loans
Let Uncle Sam Help
How to Pay Off Private Loans
Pros and Cons of Private Loans
Help from an Ombudsman, Part 1
Help from an Ombudsman, Part 2
How to Bring Overdue Accounts Current
Your Credit Report, Part 1
Your Credit Report, Part 2
Wage Garnishments, Part 1
Wage Garnishments, Part 2
What to Do If You Receive a Wage Garnishment Notice, Part 1
What to Do If You Receive a Wage Garnishment Notice, Part 2
Who's in Default?
What Not to Say
Consolidate Your Loans, Part 2
Discharges Due to Death
Free Yourself from Financial Plague, Part 1
Free Yourself from Financial Plague, Part 2
Free Yourself from Financial Plague, Part 3
How to Negotiate with Creditors, Part 1
How to Negotiate with Creditors, Part 2
How to Negotiate with Creditors, Part 3
Dreaded Ds, Part 1
Dreaded Ds, Part 2
Understanding Credit Reporting Laws
The Average Age of Your Accounts
How to Qualify to Get Your Account Re-Aged
Boosting Your FICO Credit Score
Do not Skip Bills
Loan forgiveness for Volunteer Work and Service to the Nation
Student Loan Default and Guarantee Agencies
Veterans' Untaxed Incomes and Worksheet B of the FAFSA
Loan Forgiveness for Volunteer Work and Government Service
Loan Repayment Based on Income: Will It Relieve the Pain?
Perkins Loans
Government Report on Virginia Tech Tragedy Outlines Key Findings
New Legislation Introduced to Forgive Private Student Loans upon Bankruptcy
Listen to Learn about Student Loan Information with EdFed’s Podcast
Money Spending Tips, from EdFed
10 Ways to Avoid Excessive Student Loan Debt
One Student, One Loan
Education for All
The Changing Face of Student Finance
Is Consolidation Worth It?
Grads Take an Interest in Student Loans
The New Unrest
Habits for Financial Success
Become Debt-Free in Five Years
Fixed Rates vs. Variable Rates: A Beginner's Course
Planning for Successful Repayment
Protecting Your Personal Information
Record Keeping: How Being Organized Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
Understanding and Maintaining Your Good Credit
What Expenditures Could You Put Off in Order to Pay Down Your Loan?
Work on Your Financial Willpower
News Articles
ED Commission Releases Draft
Dems Report On
DOE Responds To Petition
Mass. Brain Drain?
FAFSA Benefits Student Savers
Single-Holder Rule - Gone!
Full Rides For Low-Income Students At UR
FL Boosts Need-Based Aid, Minority Enrollment
Debt-Free Education
Finaid Fairs Raise Awareness
Changes to Loan Repayment
Aid For Undocumented Students
Two Lawmakers 'Reverse The Raid'
Drug Rule Challenged in House
More aid for non-minorities
Sallie mae sparks student protests
Bush Commission Causes Concern
OPINION on Student Aid Reform
Immigrants Fight For Right to Higher Ed
Financial Aid Favors Diversity
News In Briefs
Brazos Eliminates FFELP Loans
Stafford Loan Limits May Be Raised for Health Profession Students
PHEAA Suspends New Loans
Indian Health Bill to Include Community College Grant
Administrators at Kentucky Law School Resign in Light of Financial Troubles
UCLA Law Will Receive $1.5 Million
One-Year Challenge from Law School Alumnus
Federal Customs House to Be Renovated into Memphis Law School
New Hampshire congressman opposes financial aid bill
Arkansas governor announces need-based grant program
Federal student loan organizations call for revision of student loan reconciliation bills
U.S. News & World Report meets with controversy
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How EdFed Helped others!
I really admire the entire EdFed organization along with their loan counselors and customer service representatives. Very professional and a tremendous help.
- Don W.  Las Vegas, NV
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Education is one of the most basic right of any human, but with the increase in prices and the costs involved in education this has made these rights turn into a privilege which very few can enjoy. Any normal person today in the whole of United States has to take an education loan at one point of time to pay for their education fees.

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Schools Will No Longer Receive Paper FAFSA Forms
(September 20, 2007)

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