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News In Briefs
Senate confirms Diane Auer Jones as assistant secretary for postsecondary education
Report reveals 76% of full-time undergraduates receive federal aid
Texas' ''B On Time'' loan program falls short of funding
Eastern Michigan University raises tuition
New bill seeks to amend Higher Education Act
Cuomo, lenders testify before U.S. lawmakers
Cuomo boasts that two more schools have agreed to abide by his code of conduct
Senator Edwards announces College Opportunity Agenda
NY adopts student loan corruption-reduction legislation
Miller asks White House and Education Department for details on student programs
CBO releases budget options report
Student Loan Sunshine Act in the Senate
Pell Grant amount set to increase after five years of stagnation
Rep. Tom Petri plans to reintroduce STAR Act
House passes College Student Relief Act of 2007
Miller calls for review of student aid system
The College Student Relief Act of 2007
Commission on American workforce skills reestablished
Spellings forms negotiated rulemaking committee
Miller speaks on college costs
Department of Education issues “Dear Colleague Letter” addressing LCV noncompliance
UC Board of Regents' budget awaits approval by state government
FSA publishes final regulations
Spellings hopeful about achieving 2014 No Child Left Behind Act goal
FSA publishes final regulations
Spellings: colleges need to be more accountable
Spellings speaks on global competition and innovation
Flink to chair advisory committee on student finances
Bill helps HEA escape Congress’ reauthorizing move
Concerned senators write letter to Spellings
Nodler contemplates formula to finance higher education
NBER reports on diminishing financial aid
Act Supports Technical Education
MAP Plus To Help Middle-Class
$800,000 in federal loan fraud
MI Tuition Up
Experts Converse On College Cost
Congress Cuts Out Early
Ethics Law Harms Students
Group Salutes Finaid Stars
Federal Grants To Increase?
IU Makes Up Gap In State Aid
College Debt Crushes Grads
Career Ed. Corp. Struggles
Loan-Sale Plan Flops in MO
Will students be 'able' to choose?
Department of Education Issues Help for Aid Administrators
White Students Seeing More Aid
Commission Submits Final Report
News and Current Events
Brazos to Cut Staff
UCLA Gets Center on Climate Change
Law Librarians Get Grant
Private Student Loan Transparencies and Improvement Act
House passes College Cost Reduction Act
Key amendments to College Cost Reduction Act submitted
UNC implements stricter financial aid rules
Higher Education Act reauthorization bill would increase financial aid
Spitzer signs student loan reform into law
Cuomo testifies regarding investigations, criticizes Department of Education
Chairman Miller Calls on Secretary Spellings to Take Action to Improve the Student Loan Industry
Spellings suspends access to student loan database for lenders
University of Louisville tuition to increase again
New York Attorney General announces settlement of loan charges
Support for restoration of Perkins Student Loan Program funding grows stronger
New bill may simplify the FAFSA
Senators urge Budget Committee to increase the Pell Grant
House passes Pell Grant Equity Act
House speaker addresses gathering at ASU
Schumer and Snowe unhappy about abandoned tuition tax deduction
New Democrats make student aid a priority
HEA extender bill signed into law-
Report Card on Higher Education released
Security Breach: ED site exposes private information
Paying for School
Department of Education Funding Updates
Private Loans: An Alternative Source of Funding
Comparing Private Student Loans
Higher Education and the Economic Mobility Gap
Report on High School to College Transition
Overpayments Made to Lender Must Be Paid Back
Student Loan Programs Scaled Back, Some Terminated
Committee Meeting Held to Negotiate TEACH Grant Program
Funding Your College Education - On Your Qwn!
Federal and Private Loans
IRS Reminds Students of ''Tax-Advantaged Education Expenses''
Arizona's Undocumented Immigrant Students Get $1.8 Million in Financial Aid
Defaulting on Education Loans
California Students Get Relief, 2007-2008 State Budget Passed
Alabama Governor Bob Riley Expands ACCESS Program to 100 Additional Schools
Opting for Private Loans
Stafford Loans
Study Finds More Preparation Needed for Transition from High School to College
Student Lender Associations Protest Subsidy Cuts
Spellings announces $12 million in grants for tribally controlled schools
Institutions React to Spellings' Letter on Lender Issues
Spellings Urges Colleges and Lenders to Comply with New Loan Rules
Study Finds Obesity Affects College Attendance
Senator Herb Kohl introduces bill to help students remain out of debt
UT System lays down tighter rules for student funding
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