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Borrower benefits with real savings from Edfed make education more affordable. Based on its method of processing your school chooses the benefit program. Check with your school to see which of the following borrower benefit program it offers.

Borrower Benefit Programs

The following programs developed by us offer the following benefits:
  • Money Up-Front -
    Undergraduate Stafford borrowers receive a 1.0% principal reduction

  • Zero Fees -
    For Graduate, Law and Health Profession students, no origination or guarantee fees2 is charged or subtracted from the Stafford Loan amount.

  • 3 for FREE -
    Following their grace, Stafford borrowers receive 3 months of repayment relief upon graduation3 period. This gives undergraduate, graduate and law students 9 months to get their finances in order before they make their first payment. Health Profession borrowers will have 3 months when no payment is due after the grace period or internship/residency.
We offer the following benefits in association with the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority (MOHELA):
  • For choosing automatic debit of loan payments you get 1.75% interest rate reduction
  • If your account remains current, you get .25% interest rate reduction
In association with Sallie Mae, a holder and servicer of student loans in America, we offer the following benefits:
  • Make initial 33 scheduled monthly payments by the due dates as initially scheduled.
  • Prior to entering repayment, sign up to receive account information by email; and
  • 3.3% Cash Back savings by check or loan credit on the original loan amount.

For any queries about Stafford Loans, please email us or call (800) 821-5659. Our expert loan advisor will be able to help you.

1. To qualify for the 1.0% principal reduction, Stafford borrowers must submit the EdFed Rewards Principal Reduction Form within 90 days of the date of their first payment. If the PLUS loan is prepaid in full within the first 24 months of repayment, the principal reduction will be reapplied to the balance owed.

2. Zero-guarantee fee is dependent upon school preference for guarantor. Check with your school for more information.

3. Proof of graduation is required. Acceptable forms are a copy of the borrower’s diploma or final transcript.

4. For complete details of our EdFed Rewards Program please visit

5. MOHELA reserves the right to modify, expand, or discontinue these programs at any time without notice. Rates are reviewed annually on July 1. Rate Relief and Public Service Benefits are offered exclusively by MOHELA Lender-Partners and are available to all borrowers in repayment whose loans are owned by MOHELA and serviced at the Chesterfield, MO servicing center. These benefits are not applicable to loans placed in consolidation. This benefit does not lower the monthly payment, but rather reduces the interest rate and results in more dollars being applied to the principal of the loan. MOHELA reserves the right to discontinue offering Rate Relief benefits to any borrower whose account experiences 2 denied auto-debits, or in the event an auto-debit is terminated for any reason. Loans guaranteed by guarantors other than the Missouri state guarantee agency may qualify for a reduced level of Rate Relief. Program start date is July 1, 2003.

6. Sallie Mae Cash Back is available on Stafford loans first disbursed between July 1, 2002 and June 30, 2005 that are made with a Sallie Mae lender partner. Sallie Mae must own and service these loans throughout repayment. Participation in Automatic Debit is not required to receive the Sallie Mae Cash Back savings, but it is encouraged since it can help you make timely payments. Stafford loans first disbursed between January 1, 1993 and June 30, 2002 continue to be eligible to receive the Great Rewards¨ and Automatic Debit program benefits on those loans. Loans eligible for the Direct Repay automatic debit interest rate reduction must be owned and serviced by Sallie Mae or owned by Sallie Mae and serviced by a participating servicer. Your monthly payment amount remains the same and you save money by repaying loans more quickly because the loan balance may be paid off faster. The Direct Repay automatic debit 0.25 percentage point interest-rate reduction is available on PLUS loans first disbursed through June 30, 2005.

How EdFed Helped others!
By consolidating through EdFed, I save $2,029 a year on unnecessary interest. That adds up to a lot when your loans are based on a 30 year term. I would recommend calling and seeing what EdFed can do for you. It is worth the call.
- Holly P.  New York, NY
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